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Aido: Cute comics!

Firequill: Awesome art and tutorials.

NeonDragon: Incredible art. There's also a few tutorials here.

Rynnay: More awesome artwork.


AradSociety Skill Planner: Plan out your builds for DFO!

DFO World Wiki: Wiki for DFO.

DnF Wiki: Wiki for DnF. Good place to familiarize yourself with Hangul.

World of Warcraft

MMO Champion: Site for WoW news.

Petopia: A guide about Hunter pets!

Wowhead: My preferred database. :P


Homestar Runner: A Flash site full of fun, ridiculous things. And Strong Bad rules.

Orisinal: Lots of fun and addictive Flash games here. Cute, too.

TV Tropes Wiki: Lots of topics about story/character traits. Worth a read.

Zero Punctuation: Hilarious game reviews. You gotta watch 'em.