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September 22, 2011 at 09:37 PM - Games, Mass Effect, World of Warcraft

Bastion: Really fun game. Awesome narrator, great music, beautiful artstyle.

Heroes of Newerth: Only when my brothers invite me and I feel like playing. Generally, I like playing ranged support heroes; my favorites so far are: Plague Rider, Rhapsody, and Slither.

Overall, I'm pretty horrible and still learning, heh.

Mass Effect: Playing the first game to re-do my "canon" FemShep. Virmire'ing Ashley this time.

Will make a Renegon MaleShep eventually. Hm, I should probably do a post about them someday...

WoW: Alright, to make a long story short: visited family in August, found out they still played WoW (On a different server!), re-activated account to play with them on new server.

Made a druid! Tried Resto, still don't like it; Feral 4 Life~ I'm probably going to cap at lvl 79 and do some old dungeons or something. The community's changed, too. : /

As a "Just For Fun," here's a small list of Games I've Started and Should Probably Finish:

Fallout: New Vegas: Never really got into the 3rd game, but I really like this one. Post-apocalypic Vegas? Yesss~

Okami: Rented to Wii version for a while, got the PS2 version instead. : /

King's Bounty: Oh, Heroes of Might and Magic III, how I've missed you. King's Bounty has similar gameplay, except you control only one hero and don't take over towns. Fine by me!

Three-Manning FTW.

November 23, 2010 at 01:08 AM - World of Warcraft

Joshua finally hit lvl 80, so guess what was the first thing we did as a group?

Went straight to Ulduar. Yep, just the three of us.

There are videos out there of people 2-manning Flame Leviathan, so... Hey, why not? Let's do this!

After a few test runs wipes, the farthest we got was with 2 Demolishers, me and Chris piloting each with Joshua on the turret. Got him down to 2 million health.

Then, we finally got him by using 1 Demolisher. I was piloting, Chris would be catapaulted onto FL, and Joshua focused on getting the pyrite.

3-manned Flame Leviathan.

And then, we decided to trio H-CoS.

I was a lil' worried that we couldn't do it, but... we somehow managed. O_o;

3-manned H-CoS.

Looking forward to doing these again tomorrow later today. >:D

Oh, the Shattering's coming, too. Most likely going to make a tauren pally, hm...

"Welcome to 4.0."

October 29, 2010 at 08:18 PM - World of Warcraft

So... Joshua had this sudden urge to come back to WoW. Maybe it's because everyone on Steam is playing Fallout: New Vegas instead of Left 4 Dead 2... XD

He stopped playing at the beginning of BC and has a lvl 60-something dwarf warrior. I used to party with him with my NE hunter, but she was deleted a long time ago. Alliance are... ugh. (And I still somehow managed to level her to 60 back in Vanilla... *shrugs*)

He's rerolled Horde this time and made a troll warrior, leveling as Fury. (And is planning to make a troll Combat rogue, troll Ele shaman... Because "Once you go troll, you don't reroll" amirite?)

"OMG, you should level with my baby druid!" I said. Yes, I've made a second druid; this one's going to be a BoomTank.

Damage and healing is pretty high at low levels. O_o So much so, that Joshua is able to solo instances around his level.

However, he had a bit of trouble with the group of troggs in RFC, so I brought my baby druid along to help. And then we duo'd RFC.

And *then* we queued up for randoms.

As of right now he's already outlevel'd me. I don't get Boomkin until lvl 29, hnnngh.

It's Like Playing a Whole New Game!

October 21, 2010 at 10:50 PM - World of Warcraft

Patch 4.0 was released last week, so I figured I should come back and check out all of the weird/awesome changes they've done. (Please mind that it's been over a year since I've last played. :P)

Let's start with druid!

Oh, we have a Kick now? Gotta make new macros, yaaay~ Kitty Feral Charge to free Ravage, wut?

Need to make glyphs for all of my characters, ladeeda~

Hunter next! Taming spree, whee! (I actually made a list of all of the pets I was gonna tame, ha.) Wut iz dis? Fervor? Focus Fire? I have to press Kill Command instead of leaving it macro'd to BW? Wait, BM actually has more buttons to press? Huh. Will take a while to get used to the Focus mechanic though...

Does my proto-drake ever flap his wings anymore? He, like, glides all the time now. :|

Also, ground mounts at lvl 20? Epic ground mounts at 40? Flying mounts at 60?! What is this, I don't even-

. . .

Need to work on my professions. And getting my druid better PvP gear. : /

They Always Come Back

November 23, 2009 at 06:58 PM - World of Warcraft

(Well, today is WoW's 5th Anniversary. Just thought I'd post something WoW-related.)

So, back towards the end of August, I bought a WoW game card to reactivate my account.

Did it out of pure boredom, really. (And I didn't know that DFO was going to released a few weeks later! D: )

Totally missed out on the 3.2 patch. I updated my add-ons and re-did my UI from scratch. Looks almost the same as last time; though I did lower the unit frames a bit to put the casting bars above them instead of below...

My current WoW UI.

Druid's feral forms got a new look, yay! Didn't like the white lion that much, so I sent Khalil to the barber's for a color change. Kimahri-lion fits him best. :P

Khalil's Cat Form.

Oh! And there's also a new Spirit Beast with the patch! Got Skoll after camping him for about... 3 days. Also got the Time-Lost Proto Drake mount too, haha.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any screenshots of my pets. >_o But I do have all the Spirit Beasts, along with King Krush and a wolf (Really! Check my Armory!). And yes, I'm fully aware that there's another Spirit Beast coming in 3.3. -_-;

So... yeah. Just waiting for Cataclysm now. Maybe.

Hunters: I Can Haz Action Bar Space?

August 10, 2009 at 12:24 AM - World of Warcraft

And now for hunters! I hear a lot of people complain about the lack of bar space, especially for this class, so I tend to stick modifier macros where ever possible (and whenever the abilities "fit" together)!

If you don't know what a modifier macro is, here's a basic one.

/cast [modifier:alt] Disengage; Wing Clip

This one will cast Wing Clip as its default, but, if I hold Alt, I can then cast Disengage! Neat, huh?

I also use modifier macros (using that exact layout) for Distracting Shot/Kill Shot, Flare/Volley, and Aspect of the Pack/Aspect of the Cheetah. :3 (You can do the same thing with traps, too... But I like seeing all my trap buttons, haha.)

And so, onto other hunter-y macros!

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Druids: I Can Haz Action Bar Space?

August 7, 2009 at 12:43 AM - World of Warcraft

Yeah, I know I don't play WoW anymore, but I figured I should at least post some of the macros I've used for my characters... Starting with my druid!

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Persistence Is the Key!

May 5, 2009 at 07:40 PM - World of Warcraft

Spirit Beasts. They're not the best at DPS, and they're so. Damn. Hard. To. Find. Augh!

...But I love hunting and taming rare spawns. X3 Used to do it a lot back in the Vanilla days... Good times.


Ever since my hunter dinged 77 in mid-April, I've been patrolling the edges of Sholazar Basin, hoping to spot Loque'nahak. If I got bored, I'd park my hunter near one of his spawn points (the one west of Skyreach was where I mostly hung out) and do something else.

Well, countless hours have gone by and I still haven't seen a trace of him, not even a corpse. But! I'd still fly around the Basin and park near Skyreach, ever remaining hopeful.

Patch 3.1 comes. Still haven't seen him yet, fff... Oh, wait! Gondria's introduced in this patch!

*flies to Zul'Drak*

*does homework and checks Gondria's spawn points*

*more hours go by without ever seeing a Spirit Beast in the wild... EVAR*

. . .

Disappointed, I ask the flight master to take me back to Sholazar. I had recently installed NPCScan so I don't have to fly around and press a macro at the same time. I thought that the add-on didn't work as first, but when I was about to land in River's Heart...

*screen blares and chat reads "_NPCScan: Found 'Loque'nahak'!"*

Gah! Hurry up, land already! Now, where did this pop up? ...In the southern spawn points?! *mounts up, and flies to check the two gorilla spots and Skyreach...*

He's... not here! Where could he be?! (In a sense of panic, stupidity, and OCD, I fly though those same spawn points AGAIN.)

Someone says in General, "loque'nahak." Feeling desperate, I immediately reply, "Where?!"

A rogue invites me to a group. He's at the spot north of Shango, and NPCScan proc'd when I was at River's Heart... Wait, wut?

I start to fly towards his location. "My add-on triggered... Didn't know where exactly, haha," I type. Why didn't I take more notice as to why he lost 5k health and is typing "haha"?

I was greeted by the Spirit Beast's corpse on April 28th at 11:32 PM. Yay, I've been searching for about two weeks and finally see him... dead! </sarsacm>

Loque's corpse. Missed him by a few minutes, dammit. Click for full-view!

(Yes, I like to type with neat grammar in a MMO. Sue me. :P) I skinned him and received his pelt "of the Marksman". At least I know NPCScan works. And... I also have an idea as to when he might spawn again. My sanity is saved!

*fast-forward to four days later* Dang it! Haven't found him ever since! Screw it, I'ma look for Gondria. (Loque may have a beautiful color scheme, but his anatomy looks wonky to me. I tend to like Gondria's spectral theme overall...)

May 3rd, 5:10 PM. South of the Altar of Quetz'lun.

"_NPCScan: Found 'Terror Spinner'!"

The spider dies, and my hunter gets the Northern Exposure achievement. Will Gondria spawn around 5:30? 6:00? With new found determination, I circle Gondria's spawn points for the next hour and a half.

6:46 PM. I'm heading towards the area west of Mam'toth's Crater. And guess who's waiting for me?

I'll give you three guesses. The first two don't count. Click for full-view!

I'm lovin' his spectral appearance, the ghostly aura and footprints, the sound of his roar... And, most of all, the Moonfire-like Spirit Strike ability which I rarely get to see/use because my druid is Feral spec'd. XD

...Yeah, yeah, I know he does sub-par DPS! But he's awesome and was definitely worth the camp. Don't give up, fellow BM Hunters!

Shake Your Bunny-Maker!

April 27, 2009 at 11:15 PM - World of Warcraft

So, the Noblegarden event started yesterday.

I'm not much of an achievement seeker, but the ones for this event are amusing. Most notably "Shake Your Bunny-Maker." Apparently, our server lacks female dwarves (Which server doesn't?!), trolls, and orcs.

. . .


And so, being the nice person that I am, I logged on to my hunter and parked myself near the Horde-side bank, by the well. I was almost immediately swarmed (kinda?) by Alliance.

Alli surrounding me. Click for full-view!

(Please ignore my bars. I forgot to remove the hotkey and macro text, eh-heh. Also, I got a wide-screen a few days ago! There's so much space now... <3)

I stood there for a few minutes, getting bunny-ear'd and doing /clap to people who finally got their achievement. One guy also tipped me for helping everyone out. ^ ^

...I'm still a bit creeped out from all the emotes I received. And all the males wearing pink dresses. Carrying pastel-colored bouquets. And Easter baskets. /shudder

Yesterday Was Patch Day, So...

April 15, 2009 at 09:07 PM - World of Warcraft

Let's see, I've filled talent points for my druid, hunter, and death knight. Also bought dual-spec for my shaman too, eh-heh. (I... like their healing style. :O)

Then I did a few WSG matches with my brother (his main's a 'lock) and decided to call it a day. :P

Need to update all of my add-ons, arrgh.

...I'll introduce my characters in another post. Someday.


March 12, 2009 at 09:21 PM - Art, World of Warcraft

Delete blog on main website. Make a "main" blog on LiveJournal and join WordPress to make a World of Warcraft blog.

...It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Not to delve any deeper, but I'll leave the WoW blogging to the other (and better) writers out there. XD

. . .

Well, this was going to be the header of my WoW blog... First lineart I've completed for the year, so might as well color it. : /


Ugh, those horns were hard to do. (And I'm getting lazy at drawing hair, too...) D: