The Key Word is "Eventually"

October 21, 2011 at 10:48 PM - Art, Mass Effect

My brothers keep track of when I last played a video game.

They're aware of my huge backlog, and I tell them that I'm going to play Mass Effect until March I'll work on it. Eventually.

Finally got my drawing motivation back. Did more ink tests. Working on a new layout, trying to organize the site a lil' better.

I procrastinate here and there, of course.

I probably should get back to playing ME2. Last played it about two weeks ago, just got the new Normandy. I'll be uploading screenshots onto my Steam account. :P

Speaking of Mass Effect, here's a preview of what I'm currently working on:

Chibi turian, yesss.

Currently Playing...

September 22, 2011 at 09:37 PM - Games, Mass Effect, World of Warcraft

Bastion: Really fun game. Awesome narrator, great music, beautiful artstyle.

Heroes of Newerth: Only when my brothers invite me and I feel like playing. Generally, I like playing ranged support heroes; my favorites so far are: Plague Rider, Rhapsody, and Slither.

Overall, I'm pretty horrible and still learning, heh.

Mass Effect: Playing the first game to re-do my "canon" FemShep. Virmire'ing Ashley this time.

Will make a Renegon MaleShep eventually. Hm, I should probably do a post about them someday...

WoW: Alright, to make a long story short: visited family in August, found out they still played WoW (On a different server!), re-activated account to play with them on new server.

Made a druid! Tried Resto, still don't like it; Feral 4 Life~ I'm probably going to cap at lvl 79 and do some old dungeons or something. The community's changed, too. : /

As a "Just For Fun," here's a small list of Games I've Started and Should Probably Finish:

Fallout: New Vegas: Never really got into the 3rd game, but I really like this one. Post-apocalypic Vegas? Yesss~

Okami: Rented to Wii version for a while, got the PS2 version instead. : /

King's Bounty: Oh, Heroes of Might and Magic III, how I've missed you. King's Bounty has similar gameplay, except you control only one hero and don't take over towns. Fine by me!

ME2 Tweaks: Graphics

April 26, 2011 at 04:58 PM - Mass Effect

Hm, installing Arrival seems to have reset my Coalesced.ini. Probably because it reinstalled Patch 1.02...

So, uh, here's my long overdue graphics-tweaking mini-guide for ME2!

( Code under the cut! )

Annnd, here's some comparison screenshots!


Radio at Tali's recruitment mission, default. Tech Armor, default. Tuchanka, default.


Radio at Tali's recruitment mission, tweaked. Tech armor, tweaked. Tuchanka, tweaked.

Thoughts About ME: Genesis

January 25, 2011 at 11:30 PM - Mass Effect

Aww, no mention of Nilhus or Jenkins? Nihlus was my second favorite turian. :(

Geth corpses were shown on Eden Prime, but the comic never talks about them. Ever.

Brief introductions of your squadmates! And I get to kill Wrex and Kaidan/Ashley a few minutes later? Awesome!

So, uh, Feros was skipped entirely?

Flying!Garrus and Tali both dual-wielding pistols was probably my favorite part.

. . .

Don't get me wrong; the comic is a great way to introduce new players to Mass Effect 2, but it just... lacks a lot of detail. Like how husks are made, what Cerberus actually did, etc. I assume the game gives you Renegade!Garrus by default...

Basically, if you haven't played ME1, you're missing out. But meh, that's just me.

ME2 Tweaks: Screenshot Key Bindings

September 19, 2010 at 08:41 PM - Mass Effect

In ME1, the default key for taking screenshots is F11. In ME2, however, there is no keybind for screenshots nor is there a way to reconfigure it via the in-game settings.

The only way is to edit the Coalesced.ini file (which is found in Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\). I recommend using the Coalesced Editor, but any hex editor can work.

  1. Run the ME2CoalescedEditor.exe.
  2. Under the BIOInput tab, search for [SFXGame.SFXGameModeDefault].
  3. Right-click it, go to Add Settings > <New Single Setting>.
  4. A window will pop up. Type "Bindings" (without quotes) into the field, then hit OK.
  5. In the top-right area, type ( Name="F2", Command="Shot" ). F2 can be whatever key you prefer.

Your window should now look something like this:

Setting up bindings in the Coalesced Editor.

Default directory for the screenshots will be in My Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 2\BIOGame\Screenshots.

But we're not done yet! Because that binding will work in hubs and in and out of combat, but not in conversations. So, we're gonna have to add a separate binding to take screenshots in conversations. Guess which section that's in?

Search for [SFXGame.SFXGameModeConversation] and follow the same instructions as above. Mine is bound to F1.

Same thing can also be done for Cinematic (cutscenes where the dialogue wheel doesn't pop up) and Movie.

And, as I've mentioned before, the game saves them as .bmp's, which may or may not eat up your hard drive depending on your resolution and number of screenies.

*cough* So... Anyways, have fun!


September 16, 2010 at 12:04 AM - Games, Mass Effect, Real Life

Hellooo, Internet! It's been awhile!

I was thinking of writing up some tweak guides for Mass Effect 2, but I'ma save it for a later post. For now, I'm gonna list some random stuff that's happened in the past month-and-a-half. Ready? Let's go! *derp*

  • School's started. I'm going to be busy busier. I've almost forgotten what it's like to be back in school, ha.
  • Finished ME2 (and, recently, the Shadow Broker DLC). All on Insanity difficulty. As a Sentinel. (I love Tech Armor.)
    • Definitely gonna play the DLC again for the lulz and because I was disappointed that I didn't take any screenshots the first playthrough. D'oh!
    • Just realized that the music on recruitment missions are actually a part of a character's theme song. I really like Samara's and Tali's. Too bad some songs didn't make it to the OST, like the one that plays during the Long Walk.
  • Bought a PSP to replace my first-gen iPod. Silly idea, I know. But I've figured out how to make simple playlists via Notepad, and I can play PSP games and Emus (during lunch break... *cough*)!
  • Finished P3P. Which is kinda silly, because we already have P3: FES for the PS2. But I really didn't get that far (as in I didn't fight the Priestess Full Moon boss) when I played it back then, probably because I was like "Oh God, another Persona game, there goes 60+ hours..." Pfft.
    • I played as the female MC since my brothers where curious about the changes to dialogue and Social Links. Aki and Shinji are frickin' adorkable.
    • Most likely going to look for the soundtracks for this game too.

Annnd I caught the cold. Been like this since Sunday, but it's clearing up now. Whew!

Shakti Meets Archangel

August 3, 2010 at 11:55 PM - Mass Effect

So, I'm about 3 hrs in Mass Effect 2, ogling at the updated graphics, learning the new combat system and whatnot, and I finally get to explore the galaxy/recruit new people in the shiny new Normandy.

Me: Okay, so the game wants me to get Mordin first...
Joshua: No, get Archangel first. He's pretty badass.
Me: Oh, really? Fine then.

Joshua's on summer break, so he's ahead of me in the game. And the way he said that line... Kinda in a happy-ish "you won't be disappointed" tone, hm...

And how badass is this Archangel? Well, due to his good deeds, the guy has managed to piss off the top three mercenary groups of Omega, forcing them to team up against him. He's blown up all the entrances to his base except an exposed bridge, where he can easily pick them off. The mercs tried using a gunship, but he shot it down. Oh, and he's been holding them at bay, by himself, for over a day.


I make my way past the bridge and inside the base, killing off all of the freelancers/mercs in the way. Then, Archangel reveals himself to be none other than... Garrus!

My reaction? A strange mix of flabbergast ("Wait. Garrus is the badass Archangel?!") and glee (OMG, it's Garrus, eeeee~").

. . .

Thinking of going on a screenshot spree with this game. Problem is that it saves 'em as 4.11 MB bitmaps (That's HUGE!).

Saving them as a PNG lowers the size to 1.08 MB, and as a high-quality JPEG they're 604 KB. : /

Well, one thing I do know:

Evil Garrus face.

Garrus really wants to kill Sidonis. O_o;

...Let's Try This Again.

July 24, 2010 at 09:14 PM - Mass Effect

Going to do another ME1 playthrough before importing to ME2.

From scratch, because I'm silly like that. (Keeping the achievements though!)

New Shep face. First one was horribly distorted. D:

I think I got Neutral!Garrus in my first PT; he didn't talk about reapplying for C-Sec... (Need. To get. Paragon!Garrus. Hnnngh.)

Why didn't I save Captain Kirrahe?! Still Virmire'ing Kaidan though, eh-heh.

Do all dem assignments! (Or most of them. Maybe.)

3 days left 'til StarCraft 2 and Continuum Shift come out!

...This is gonna be fun.


June 13, 2010 at 11:45 PM - Mass Effect



StarCraft 2 and Continuum Shift won't be coming out until the end of July, fff... So, in my free time, I'ma go try out Mass Effect.

Some thoughts so far:

  • Oh God, I... wasn't aware that this was a third-person shooter game. The only ones I ever played was Oni and Dirge of Cerberus. :V
  • Whoa, Garrus is so cool...
  • Yes, let's play Frogger to unlock that crate!
  • I love the (lack of) physics involved when driving the Mako, haha.
  • Needs mo' dakka. (And 'nades, whee~!)
  • Dammit, one of my party members got KO'd. *reloads*

Why yes, I do have Unity. I-it's a habit I picked up from playing Dragon Age, sh-shut up! D: