January 25, 2012 at 06:33 PM - Games

It's been over a month since the official release of SWTOR, so I figured I'd post some random thoughts, hehe.

Got a DPS set together and tried out Infiltration in PvP. Result: Lots of burst, but squishy as hell. Best combo would be to pop an adrenal, open up with Spinning Kick, CS x2, Potency for Project and Breach, repeat. Shadow Strike *only* when Find Weakness is up (I can't tell you how many Shadows/Assassins open up with it...). Also, Spinning Strike and Low Slash when necessary.

I have never seen Clairvoyant Strike's animation until I respec'd. Wonder what the other Shadows are spec'd as... Though, to be fair, our server's Republic population is pretty low; not a lot of people are lvl 40+...

Getting used to healing as my Scoundrel in warzones now. I'm like a Resto druid that can kill people~! If dual spec was available, I'd try Scrapper. (The nerfs that are currently on the PTR are uncalled for. Yeah, I said it.)

RvR Huttball is the *best*. Especially when guildies are on opposite teams and we talk smack to each other on Vent, ha. (Wow, when was the last time I used Vent? 6-7 years ago?)

The Corellia mods vendor doesn't have any tanking mods, hnnngh.

Oh the irony of Shadow tanks. Has the highest base shield chance due to Kinetic Ward. Has the best AoE threat generation. Can't migitate damage from large groups because KW charges will run out before the CD's up. Derp.

I also hit lvl 50 a few days ago! I'm currently working on finishing my class missions to get started on Ilum dailies.

Oh, and Belsavis dailies. Those too.

BRB, Playing MMOs Forever

January 10, 2012 at 10:48 PM - Games

I'm having a blast playing SWTOR!

My Shadow is currently in her low 40s, occasionally grouping up with Chris' Scoundrel and Joshua's Commando. We've been able to three-man all of the flashpoints so far (Colicoid War Games is my favorite) with a healing companion to fill the 4th slot. (You have to use CC in flashpoints! It's like WoW BC, except better!)

As for builds, I'm currently going for 27/0/14 for both PvE and PvP. (I was thinking of going 23/0/18 before, but I'll try out Harnessed Shadows. And I still keep Force in Balance, heh.)

For alts, I'm leveling a healing Scoundrel and Vanguard tank. (Will make Empire characters eventually. On a different server.) Love the Smuggler's story so far: it's fun (much more interesting than Consular's, IMO), you get to meet crazy-awesome characters, and Corso's just adorable. :3

. . .

Also: where's my Mass Effect 3 demo, BioWare?


November 27, 2011 at 10:43 PM - Games

So... I participated in their beta weekend thing. It was actually really fun! (Unfortunately, the screenshot button / Print Screen / Steam overlay didn't work at all, so no screenshots, sorry!)

Started out as a Jedi Consular. Almost all of the quests are story-driven, which I really liked. There were also bonus objectives for some, most of which required to kill X-number of Y. Didn't feel "grindy" at all.

First companion for Consular is a Trandoshan named Qyzen. Tank. Thinks that you're an angel sent by his goddess. Pretty much a bro in my book.

Advance class change occurs at lvl 10, once you leave your starting area. Hm, Sage (DPS/Heal) or Shadow (Tank/DPS)? Went with Shadow.



SHADOW PLAYS LIKE A ROGUE/FERAL DRUID, LOLOL. (I like of think it as Force Valor = MotW, Project = Faerie Fire, etc. I even arranged the skill bar to be similar to my druid's!) Also, Stealth works on your companions as well, so that's pretty cool.

Not sure if I want to buy the game just yet... Lil' cousin still plays WoW, but is a SW fan... Hm, we'll see.

Also, best description my brothers and I have come up with for SWTOR: It's Neverwinter Nights' multiplayer with Mass Effect's dialogue trees and Dragon Age 2's personality set in KotOR's universe.

Well, it is a BioWare game. :P

...Oh, and EVE's crafting. Forgot about that.

Currently Playing...

September 22, 2011 at 09:37 PM - Games, Mass Effect, World of Warcraft

Bastion: Really fun game. Awesome narrator, great music, beautiful artstyle.

Heroes of Newerth: Only when my brothers invite me and I feel like playing. Generally, I like playing ranged support heroes; my favorites so far are: Plague Rider, Rhapsody, and Slither.

Overall, I'm pretty horrible and still learning, heh.

Mass Effect: Playing the first game to re-do my "canon" FemShep. Virmire'ing Ashley this time.

Will make a Renegon MaleShep eventually. Hm, I should probably do a post about them someday...

WoW: Alright, to make a long story short: visited family in August, found out they still played WoW (On a different server!), re-activated account to play with them on new server.

Made a druid! Tried Resto, still don't like it; Feral 4 Life~ I'm probably going to cap at lvl 79 and do some old dungeons or something. The community's changed, too. : /

As a "Just For Fun," here's a small list of Games I've Started and Should Probably Finish:

Fallout: New Vegas: Never really got into the 3rd game, but I really like this one. Post-apocalypic Vegas? Yesss~

Okami: Rented to Wii version for a while, got the PS2 version instead. : /

King's Bounty: Oh, Heroes of Might and Magic III, how I've missed you. King's Bounty has similar gameplay, except you control only one hero and don't take over towns. Fine by me!

Spiral Knights!

June 21, 2011 at 08:19 PM - Games

Seriously, this is going to be our new MMO until people come back to DnF. Or something.

The gameplay's really fun so far! Joshua and I managed to get to T2 by the end of the second day, haha.

Thinking of going for swords/bombs as my main weapons. My preferred swords so far are the Calibur and Cutter.


Also, Fire-based levels suuuck~ D:


April 16, 2011 at 05:59 PM - Games

Dammit Valve, I was gonna play with the console commands for DA2...

And then this comes up.

. . .

Needs moar potatoes.

Is It Tuesday Yet...?

March 6, 2011 at 09:23 PM - Dragon Age, Games

Mana Khemia: Done.

I did everyone's last character quest, but decided to get Roxis' ending. (Ugh, he's such a jerk. XD) I can finally look through their TV Tropes page, yay~

DA:O - Awakening: Done.

I had a hard time getting Oghren's approval up, but thankfully he lived through the epilogue, heh. Final party consisted of my Assassin/Duelist, Justice, Anders, and Nathaniel.

I have a few other games in my backlog, but I really wanted to get these two out of the way. All of my gaming time starting on the 8th will be spent on DA2, haha.

. . .

Hmmm, let's see how my first run will be like...

Difficulty: Hard. Will probably replay on Nightmare once I get used to the new combat system for teh lulz.

Hawke: I like the looks of the default FemHawke, so I'll probably stick with it. She'll be a DW Rogue (Duelist/Assassin) and have a humorous/mostly good personality.

Main Party: Aveline (tank), Fenris (KALI-MA DPS), and most likely Anders. Hawke can probably off-tank with Duelist skills and Aveline's friendship talent... Meh, we'll see.

*eagerly waits for DA2*

Shakti's "Top 10" Video Games

February 28, 2011 at 11:05 PM - Games, Miscellaneous

I was wandering around dA for a bit trying to look for some inking tutorials/tips (derp), and somehow came across the Top 10 Video Games Meme.

Hey, why not? Let's give it a try. (In no particular order!)

Final Fantasy 7: I think this was one of the first RPGs I've ever played... This game inspired me to create the Aryvox and, eventually, the worlds they live in, so... Yeah.

Persona 3 Portable: AKIHIKO. As I've mentioned before, I love the characters and the story. Oh, and the epic final boss, complete with awesome music. I would totally fight Nyx (14 forms) again rather than, say, Nega Filgaia (9 forms) from Wild ARMs 3. Seriously.

Mass Effect series: GARRUS. PLAY AS A BADASS, SAVE THE GALAXY. How cool is that?! Also, aliens.

Warcraft 3: Finished the single player campaign for the original WC3, but not for Frozen Throne. : / What really got me hooked into this game was the variety of custom maps I was able to play... I was really fond of tower/hero defense maps.

Devil May Cry series: The first game, along with Guilty Gear and The Bouncer, was what prompted us to get a PS2, haha. Played all of the DMC games, haven't finished 3 yet...

Sonic Adventure 2: SHADOW. I think we got a Dreamcast just for this game. (Well, this and SA1, but we played SA2 first.) Back then, I haven't played any Sonic games since its Genesis days, so this game was really... interesting. Our Dreamcast eventually died, so we settled with SA2: Battle. (Now we have to get our A Ranks/emblems again, ugh.)

Half-Life series: Oh man, I was... 10 when the first game came out? The first encounter with the Grunt scared the hell out of me. ...When I finished HL2: Episode Two, I went back and played HL2 and Episode One all over again to get the gist of the story, which was a first for a FPS for me.

Portal: A puzzle game! With sentient robots that want to kill you! Also, cake Companion Cube.

World of Warcraft: My third MMORPG! (Before it was Earth and Beyond and Star Wars Galaxies.) Been playing this game on and off since its release.

Dungeon and Fighter: A beat 'em up MMO! How I got two characters to 70 mostly by soloing and still stay sane... I don't know.

...This was actually pretty fun to fill out. I should do memes more often. :V

Pancakes: He Likes Them

February 5, 2011 at 05:48 PM - Games

Me: So, uh, how does Aki know that you joined the Cooking Club even though it's not an official club...?
Chris: Oh, so he does stalk you...
Me: *bursts into laughter*

...I decided to play Persona 3 Portable again.

I was playing it on Joshua's PSP before I got my own, so I wanted to finish it there. Unfortunately, when I wanted to transfer the clear data to my PSP, it came up corrupted. So I had to start from scratch.


Y'know, playing it again made me realize that I like P3 a lot more than P4. I'm pretty sure that P4 had more funny moments, but I just... like the characters from P3 more. (Except for Ken. Dammit Ken, why am I ranking up with you; I don't understand you at all! D:< )

Managed to max out almost all of the Social Links this time. (Got up to Rank 8 for Aeon, nooo~) Also, it took me around 5 days to beat Nyx on Hard, ha. (At first, I had unlucky crits. Then it was problems with Night Queen, ugh. So much raeg...)

On a slightly related note, reading this comic has also taken up much of my free time lately.

New Game+ will have to wait until lunch breaks at work. I'm off to play Mana Khemia!

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2011 at 11:15 AM - Art, Games

(Aw darn. I wanted to upload this yesterday, but there's some... technical difficulties.)

I got sick over the weekend, but I'm feeling better!

Missed the Steam sale on the 24th, FFF... Wanted to get Borderlands and Overlord. Luckily, Borderlands was on sale again on the 26th, so we got that. :D

OMG, I haven't played a FPS in over three years, but bird-spec Hunter is so fun... GUYS, WE NEED TO DO AN ALL-BRICK PLAYTHROUGH SOMEDAY.

Joshua's WoW account expired, so we're all on hiatus (was leveling alts, mainly Paladin/Mage/Shaman). I need to get back to DnF... I managed to level my male Nen Master to 30 before the holidays. Yay, Tiger Flash!

Also, I have some arts!

( Art (x4)! Features a lot of heads. )

Happy Holidays!

December 23, 2010 at 10:49 AM - Games, Real Life

I'll be heading over to California for the weekend~!

Also, I somehow thought that now was a great time to reformat my computer, so scanning art and what-not will be on hold.

Currently updating/downloading my games... (Damn you, Steam sales!) At least I got Joshua a (kinda late) birthday present, heh.

Speaking of games...

I forgot to post about the first one (mostly because there wasn't enough time left once I found out about it), but the second Humble Indie Bundle is up! You get to pay what you want for 5 awesome indie games (or, if you pay above the average, you can get the first bundle too).

Quick! There's only 2 days left for it!

Oh! And, once again, Happy Holidays!


September 16, 2010 at 12:04 AM - Games, Mass Effect, Real Life

Hellooo, Internet! It's been awhile!

I was thinking of writing up some tweak guides for Mass Effect 2, but I'ma save it for a later post. For now, I'm gonna list some random stuff that's happened in the past month-and-a-half. Ready? Let's go! *derp*

  • School's started. I'm going to be busy busier. I've almost forgotten what it's like to be back in school, ha.
  • Finished ME2 (and, recently, the Shadow Broker DLC). All on Insanity difficulty. As a Sentinel. (I love Tech Armor.)
    • Definitely gonna play the DLC again for the lulz and because I was disappointed that I didn't take any screenshots the first playthrough. D'oh!
    • Just realized that the music on recruitment missions are actually a part of a character's theme song. I really like Samara's and Tali's. Too bad some songs didn't make it to the OST, like the one that plays during the Long Walk.
  • Bought a PSP to replace my first-gen iPod. Silly idea, I know. But I've figured out how to make simple playlists via Notepad, and I can play PSP games and Emus (during lunch break... *cough*)!
  • Finished P3P. Which is kinda silly, because we already have P3: FES for the PS2. But I really didn't get that far (as in I didn't fight the Priestess Full Moon boss) when I played it back then, probably because I was like "Oh God, another Persona game, there goes 60+ hours..." Pfft.
    • I played as the female MC since my brothers where curious about the changes to dialogue and Social Links. Aki and Shinji are frickin' adorkable.
    • Most likely going to look for the soundtracks for this game too.

Annnd I caught the cold. Been like this since Sunday, but it's clearing up now. Whew!

"Prinny, Dood!"

August 26, 2009 at 10:25 PM - Games, Miscellaneous

So, after playing BlazBlue for a while, we've decided to get a new game for the PS3: Disgaea 3.

(I... I played a ranked match for once! And got horribly owned by a Nu player. >_o *cough* Anyways...)

Looks like a grindfest, especially if you want to get the extra stuff done. ...I don't think I'll play often ever finish this game. X_x

What piqued our interest the most was the amount of familiar voice actors in the game... Mao is Vic Mignogna high on Red Bull. Beryl is Laura Bailey. Almaz is Johnny Young Bosch. (And so many more...)

Then came Chapter 5. Joshua was playing the map that had Gold Knuckle, and, when I heard his voice, I was like, "Was that Ragna..?" (Sh-shut up, blame my inner fangirl! D: )

. . .

Unfortunately, the internets could not confirm whether or not Patrick Seitz voiced Gold Knuckle. (He's got awesome dialogue, next to Prinny Mask and Baby Mao. XD)

So, I sent an e-mail to Patrick Seitz himself, asking if he voiced Gold Knuckle and if he knew who voiced Prinny Mask.

Apparently, he did the voices of both characters.

My God.

*imagines a scenario where someone calls Ragna an old man 'cause of his white hair*

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, Ragna is not an old man!"

I... Can not... Unhear it... O_o;

(By the way, we first had our strange obession on finding out character's voice actors when Naruto was released as a dub. I think. Still wondering who voices Nanako's doctor in Persona 4, hmmm...)

BlazBlue: Dammit, There's A Frickin' Wall Here...

July 12, 2009 at 07:25 PM - Games

Oh wait, that's Tager. FFF~

Score Attack mode aside, if you see a "Nootkin" online, that's us. :D

Chris: Arakune as main, Hakumen as sub. (An "Ara-mens"!)

Joshua: Taokaka. And maybe Noel. ("Tao...el!" Towel, ahahaha! XD)

Err, I haven't played online yet, but I'm mostly using Ragna. :P

We Love Our GameStop

June 30, 2009 at 09:50 PM - Games, Real Life

* At Our Local GameStop... *

Cashier: You're here for something. Lemme guess... BlazBlue?
Me: Er, yeah. You got the Limited Edition for the PS3?
Cashier: Yep! *gets the box and scans it* This is our last one until the regular version ships next month.

* Later... *

Me: Wow, guys, we got their last BlazBlue in stock.
Me: *blinkblink* ...Wait, didn't the same scenario happen with Persona 4? That we got their last copy?
Chris (younger brother): Yeah. I checked the website right after we bought ours... It's backordered.
Joshua (youngest brother): Y'know, the same thing also happened with Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead...
Me: Wait, wut? Really? Wow, we're incredibly lucky then.
Joshua: Indeed.
Me: Well, you guys go play. I'ma go check the soundtrack.

(And no, we have never pre-ordered a game. Ever.)

(BTW, The OST is awesome. :D)

Alleviating Boredom, One Game at a Time

June 16, 2009 at 07:11 PM - Games

M'kay, so...

Back in May, around the Memorial weekend... My brother's and my WoW subscriptions were about to expire. We were considering about getting a new game to pass the time. It's been awhile since we've played an RPG (last one being Tales of Symphonia 2), so... yeah.

It all came down to two choices: 1) Eternal Sonata ("Fredric Chopin's life flashes before his eyes as an anime-styled JRPG right before he dies.") or 2) Persona 4 ("Eight different high school students solve local murders by watching TV all night long."). (*sigh* I love you, TV Tropes. XD)

We chose the latter. AND WE REGRET NOTHING. D:<

Annnd I finished my first playthrough a few days ago.

First time playing a Shin Megami Tensei game, and it was definitely a bit different than the RPGs I've previously played. Absolutely loved the story, the characters (Kudos to the voice actors!), and the music, eeee~.

. . .

Expect fandumb art stuff on my LJ soon. SOOON~. :O