BRB, Playing MMOs Forever

January 10, 2012 at 10:48 PM - Games

I'm having a blast playing SWTOR!

My Shadow is currently in her low 40s, occasionally grouping up with Chris' Scoundrel and Joshua's Commando. We've been able to three-man all of the flashpoints so far (Colicoid War Games is my favorite) with a healing companion to fill the 4th slot. (You have to use CC in flashpoints! It's like WoW BC, except better!)

As for builds, I'm currently going for 27/0/14 for both PvE and PvP. (I was thinking of going 23/0/18 before, but I'll try out Harnessed Shadows. And I still keep Force in Balance, heh.)

For alts, I'm leveling a healing Scoundrel and Vanguard tank. (Will make Empire characters eventually. On a different server.) Love the Smuggler's story so far: it's fun (much more interesting than Consular's, IMO), you get to meet crazy-awesome characters, and Corso's just adorable. :3

. . .

Also: where's my Mass Effect 3 demo, BioWare?