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September 22, 2011 at 09:37 PM - Games, Mass Effect, World of Warcraft

Bastion: Really fun game. Awesome narrator, great music, beautiful artstyle.

Heroes of Newerth: Only when my brothers invite me and I feel like playing. Generally, I like playing ranged support heroes; my favorites so far are: Plague Rider, Rhapsody, and Slither.

Overall, I'm pretty horrible and still learning, heh.

Mass Effect: Playing the first game to re-do my "canon" FemShep. Virmire'ing Ashley this time.

Will make a Renegon MaleShep eventually. Hm, I should probably do a post about them someday...

WoW: Alright, to make a long story short: visited family in August, found out they still played WoW (On a different server!), re-activated account to play with them on new server.

Made a druid! Tried Resto, still don't like it; Feral 4 Life~ I'm probably going to cap at lvl 79 and do some old dungeons or something. The community's changed, too. : /

As a "Just For Fun," here's a small list of Games I've Started and Should Probably Finish:

Fallout: New Vegas: Never really got into the 3rd game, but I really like this one. Post-apocalypic Vegas? Yesss~

Okami: Rented to Wii version for a while, got the PS2 version instead. : /

King's Bounty: Oh, Heroes of Might and Magic III, how I've missed you. King's Bounty has similar gameplay, except you control only one hero and don't take over towns. Fine by me!