Is It Tuesday Yet...?

March 6, 2011 at 09:23 PM - Dragon Age, Games

Mana Khemia: Done.

I did everyone's last character quest, but decided to get Roxis' ending. (Ugh, he's such a jerk. XD) I can finally look through their TV Tropes page, yay~

DA:O - Awakening: Done.

I had a hard time getting Oghren's approval up, but thankfully he lived through the epilogue, heh. Final party consisted of my Assassin/Duelist, Justice, Anders, and Nathaniel.

I have a few other games in my backlog, but I really wanted to get these two out of the way. All of my gaming time starting on the 8th will be spent on DA2, haha.

. . .

Hmmm, let's see how my first run will be like...

Difficulty: Hard. Will probably replay on Nightmare once I get used to the new combat system for teh lulz.

Hawke: I like the looks of the default FemHawke, so I'll probably stick with it. She'll be a DW Rogue (Duelist/Assassin) and have a humorous/mostly good personality.

Main Party: Aveline (tank), Fenris (KALI-MA DPS), and most likely Anders. Hawke can probably off-tank with Duelist skills and Aveline's friendship talent... Meh, we'll see.

*eagerly waits for DA2*