Pancakes: He Likes Them

February 5, 2011 at 05:48 PM - Games

Me: So, uh, how does Aki know that you joined the Cooking Club even though it's not an official club...?
Chris: Oh, so he does stalk you...
Me: *bursts into laughter*

...I decided to play Persona 3 Portable again.

I was playing it on Joshua's PSP before I got my own, so I wanted to finish it there. Unfortunately, when I wanted to transfer the clear data to my PSP, it came up corrupted. So I had to start from scratch.


Y'know, playing it again made me realize that I like P3 a lot more than P4. I'm pretty sure that P4 had more funny moments, but I just... like the characters from P3 more. (Except for Ken. Dammit Ken, why am I ranking up with you; I don't understand you at all! D:< )

Managed to max out almost all of the Social Links this time. (Got up to Rank 8 for Aeon, nooo~) Also, it took me around 5 days to beat Nyx on Hard, ha. (At first, I had unlucky crits. Then it was problems with Night Queen, ugh. So much raeg...)

On a slightly related note, reading this comic has also taken up much of my free time lately.

New Game+ will have to wait until lunch breaks at work. I'm off to play Mana Khemia!