Shakti's "Top 10" Video Games

February 28, 2011 at 11:05 PM - Games, Miscellaneous

I was wandering around dA for a bit trying to look for some inking tutorials/tips (derp), and somehow came across the Top 10 Video Games Meme.

Hey, why not? Let's give it a try. (In no particular order!)

Final Fantasy 7: I think this was one of the first RPGs I've ever played... This game inspired me to create the Aryvox and, eventually, the worlds they live in, so... Yeah.

Persona 3 Portable: AKIHIKO. As I've mentioned before, I love the characters and the story. Oh, and the epic final boss, complete with awesome music. I would totally fight Nyx (14 forms) again rather than, say, Nega Filgaia (9 forms) from Wild ARMs 3. Seriously.

Mass Effect series: GARRUS. PLAY AS A BADASS, SAVE THE GALAXY. How cool is that?! Also, aliens.

Warcraft 3: Finished the single player campaign for the original WC3, but not for Frozen Throne. : / What really got me hooked into this game was the variety of custom maps I was able to play... I was really fond of tower/hero defense maps.

Devil May Cry series: The first game, along with Guilty Gear and The Bouncer, was what prompted us to get a PS2, haha. Played all of the DMC games, haven't finished 3 yet...

Sonic Adventure 2: SHADOW. I think we got a Dreamcast just for this game. (Well, this and SA1, but we played SA2 first.) Back then, I haven't played any Sonic games since its Genesis days, so this game was really... interesting. Our Dreamcast eventually died, so we settled with SA2: Battle. (Now we have to get our A Ranks/emblems again, ugh.)

Half-Life series: Oh man, I was... 10 when the first game came out? The first encounter with the Grunt scared the hell out of me. ...When I finished HL2: Episode Two, I went back and played HL2 and Episode One all over again to get the gist of the story, which was a first for a FPS for me.

Portal: A puzzle game! With sentient robots that want to kill you! Also, cake Companion Cube.

World of Warcraft: My third MMORPG! (Before it was Earth and Beyond and Star Wars Galaxies.) Been playing this game on and off since its release.

Dungeon and Fighter: A beat 'em up MMO! How I got two characters to 70 mostly by soloing and still stay sane... I don't know.

...This was actually pretty fun to fill out. I should do memes more often. :V