Happy New Year!

January 1, 2011 at 11:15 AM - Art, Games

(Aw darn. I wanted to upload this yesterday, but there's some... technical difficulties.)

I got sick over the weekend, but I'm feeling better!

Missed the Steam sale on the 24th, FFF... Wanted to get Borderlands and Overlord. Luckily, Borderlands was on sale again on the 26th, so we got that. :D

OMG, I haven't played a FPS in over three years, but bird-spec Hunter is so fun... GUYS, WE NEED TO DO AN ALL-BRICK PLAYTHROUGH SOMEDAY.

Joshua's WoW account expired, so we're all on hiatus (was leveling alts, mainly Paladin/Mage/Shaman). I need to get back to DnF... I managed to level my male Nen Master to 30 before the holidays. Yay, Tiger Flash!

Also, I have some arts!

Chibi Rakesh.

Chibi Rakesh. Done around Halloween.

Some cat/cobra hybrid.

I have no idea why I drew this, but I thought it was cool at the time. XD

Aryvox wing design sketches.

Wing designs for each Aryvox. I wonder why I don't draw these more often...

Aryvox headsss~

And here's the Aryvox. Er, their heads at least. (Dammit, why did I put Shakti and Icicle towards the back! D: )

It's a shame I couldn't finish this pic, 'cause they turned 10 last year... (M'yep, they're my oldest characters.)