September 16, 2010 at 12:04 AM - Games, Mass Effect, Real Life

Hellooo, Internet! It's been awhile!

I was thinking of writing up some tweak guides for Mass Effect 2, but I'ma save it for a later post. For now, I'm gonna list some random stuff that's happened in the past month-and-a-half. Ready? Let's go! *derp*

  • School's started. I'm going to be busy busier. I've almost forgotten what it's like to be back in school, ha.
  • Finished ME2 (and, recently, the Shadow Broker DLC). All on Insanity difficulty. As a Sentinel. (I love Tech Armor.)
    • Definitely gonna play the DLC again for the lulz and because I was disappointed that I didn't take any screenshots the first playthrough. D'oh!
    • Just realized that the music on recruitment missions are actually a part of a character's theme song. I really like Samara's and Tali's. Too bad some songs didn't make it to the OST, like the one that plays during the Long Walk.
  • Bought a PSP to replace my first-gen iPod. Silly idea, I know. But I've figured out how to make simple playlists via Notepad, and I can play PSP games and Emus (during lunch break... *cough*)!
  • Finished P3P. Which is kinda silly, because we already have P3: FES for the PS2. But I really didn't get that far (as in I didn't fight the Priestess Full Moon boss) when I played it back then, probably because I was like "Oh God, another Persona game, there goes 60+ hours..." Pfft.
    • I played as the female MC since my brothers where curious about the changes to dialogue and Social Links. Aki and Shinji are frickin' adorkable.
    • Most likely going to look for the soundtracks for this game too.

Annnd I caught the cold. Been like this since Sunday, but it's clearing up now. Whew!