Happy Holidays!

December 23, 2010 at 10:49 AM - Games, Real Life

I'll be heading over to California for the weekend~!

Also, I somehow thought that now was a great time to reformat my computer, so scanning art and what-not will be on hold.

Currently updating/downloading my games... (Damn you, Steam sales!) At least I got Joshua a (kinda late) birthday present, heh.

Speaking of games...

I forgot to post about the first one (mostly because there wasn't enough time left once I found out about it), but the second Humble Indie Bundle is up! You get to pay what you want for 5 awesome indie games (or, if you pay above the average, you can get the first bundle too).

Quick! There's only 2 days left for it!

Oh! And, once again, Happy Holidays!