"Prinny, Dood!"

August 26, 2009 at 10:25 PM - Games, Miscellaneous

So, after playing BlazBlue for a while, we've decided to get a new game for the PS3: Disgaea 3.

(I... I played a ranked match for once! And got horribly owned by a Nu player. >_o *cough* Anyways...)

Looks like a grindfest, especially if you want to get the extra stuff done. ...I don't think I'll play often ever finish this game. X_x

What piqued our interest the most was the amount of familiar voice actors in the game... Mao is Vic Mignogna high on Red Bull. Beryl is Laura Bailey. Almaz is Johnny Young Bosch. (And so many more...)

Then came Chapter 5. Joshua was playing the map that had Gold Knuckle, and, when I heard his voice, I was like, "Was that Ragna..?" (Sh-shut up, blame my inner fangirl! D: )

. . .

Unfortunately, the internets could not confirm whether or not Patrick Seitz voiced Gold Knuckle. (He's got awesome dialogue, next to Prinny Mask and Baby Mao. XD)

So, I sent an e-mail to Patrick Seitz himself, asking if he voiced Gold Knuckle and if he knew who voiced Prinny Mask.

Apparently, he did the voices of both characters.

My God.

*imagines a scenario where someone calls Ragna an old man 'cause of his white hair*

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, Ragna is not an old man!"

I... Can not... Unhear it... O_o;

(By the way, we first had our strange obession on finding out character's voice actors when Naruto was released as a dub. I think. Still wondering who voices Nanako's doctor in Persona 4, hmmm...)