We Love Our GameStop

June 30, 2009 at 09:50 PM - Games, Real Life

* At Our Local GameStop... *

Cashier: You're here for something. Lemme guess... BlazBlue?
Me: Er, yeah. You got the Limited Edition for the PS3?
Cashier: Yep! *gets the box and scans it* This is our last one until the regular version ships next month.

* Later... *

Me: Wow, guys, we got their last BlazBlue in stock.
Me: *blinkblink* ...Wait, didn't the same scenario happen with Persona 4? That we got their last copy?
Chris (younger brother): Yeah. I checked the website right after we bought ours... It's backordered.
Joshua (youngest brother): Y'know, the same thing also happened with Fallout 3 and Left 4 Dead...
Me: Wait, wut? Really? Wow, we're incredibly lucky then.
Joshua: Indeed.
Me: Well, you guys go play. I'ma go check the soundtrack.

(And no, we have never pre-ordered a game. Ever.)

(BTW, The OST is awesome. :D)