January 25, 2012 at 06:33 PM - Games

It's been over a month since the official release of SWTOR, so I figured I'd post some random thoughts, hehe.

Got a DPS set together and tried out Infiltration in PvP. Result: Lots of burst, but squishy as hell. Best combo would be to pop an adrenal, open up with Spinning Kick, CS x2, Potency for Project and Breach, repeat. Shadow Strike *only* when Find Weakness is up (I can't tell you how many Shadows/Assassins open up with it...). Also, Spinning Strike and Low Slash when necessary.

I have never seen Clairvoyant Strike's animation until I respec'd. Wonder what the other Shadows are spec'd as... Though, to be fair, our server's Republic population is pretty low; not a lot of people are lvl 40+...

Getting used to healing as my Scoundrel in warzones now. I'm like a Resto druid that can kill people~! If dual spec was available, I'd try Scrapper. (The nerfs that are currently on the PTR are uncalled for. Yeah, I said it.)

RvR Huttball is the *best*. Especially when guildies are on opposite teams and we talk smack to each other on Vent, ha. (Wow, when was the last time I used Vent? 6-7 years ago?)

The Corellia mods vendor doesn't have any tanking mods, hnnngh.

Oh the irony of Shadow tanks. Has the highest base shield chance due to Kinetic Ward. Has the best AoE threat generation. Can't migitate damage from large groups because KW charges will run out before the CD's up. Derp.

I also hit lvl 50 a few days ago! I'm currently working on finishing my class missions to get started on Ilum dailies.

Oh, and Belsavis dailies. Those too.

BRB, Playing MMOs Forever

January 10, 2012 at 10:48 PM - Games

I'm having a blast playing SWTOR!

My Shadow is currently in her low 40s, occasionally grouping up with Chris' Scoundrel and Joshua's Commando. We've been able to three-man all of the flashpoints so far (Colicoid War Games is my favorite) with a healing companion to fill the 4th slot. (You have to use CC in flashpoints! It's like WoW BC, except better!)

As for builds, I'm currently going for 27/0/14 for both PvE and PvP. (I was thinking of going 23/0/18 before, but I'll try out Harnessed Shadows. And I still keep Force in Balance, heh.)

For alts, I'm leveling a healing Scoundrel and Vanguard tank. (Will make Empire characters eventually. On a different server.) Love the Smuggler's story so far: it's fun (much more interesting than Consular's, IMO), you get to meet crazy-awesome characters, and Corso's just adorable. :3

. . .

Also: where's my Mass Effect 3 demo, BioWare?

Starting Out the New Year

January 5, 2012 at 08:15 PM - Real Life

I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday and New Year, yes?

Visited the family in California on the weekend before Christmas. Figured out why my lil' cousin hasn't been playing WoW lately: got addicted to Minecraft, ha. Aside from the family drama, it was fun.

Was supposed to go back to work on the 28th... But then I suddenly sprained my neck. Holy crap, was it painful; I could barely turn my head, ugh...

Went to the doctor, got prescriptions for muscle relaxants and pain killers, and was knocked out for a week.

Well, at least it gave me some extra free time to play SWTOR, eh-heh.

By New Years Day my neck started to feel a lot better. Had a barbeque. Learned how to make chicken alfredo. Note to self: less cheese next time.

. . .

Also, I totally forgot that it's the Year of the Dragon? I'm going to turn 24 this year? ...Man.


November 27, 2011 at 10:43 PM - Games

So... I participated in their beta weekend thing. It was actually really fun! (Unfortunately, the screenshot button / Print Screen / Steam overlay didn't work at all, so no screenshots, sorry!)

Started out as a Jedi Consular. Almost all of the quests are story-driven, which I really liked. There were also bonus objectives for some, most of which required to kill X-number of Y. Didn't feel "grindy" at all.

First companion for Consular is a Trandoshan named Qyzen. Tank. Thinks that you're an angel sent by his goddess. Pretty much a bro in my book.

Advance class change occurs at lvl 10, once you leave your starting area. Hm, Sage (DPS/Heal) or Shadow (Tank/DPS)? Went with Shadow.



SHADOW PLAYS LIKE A ROGUE/FERAL DRUID, LOLOL. (I like of think it as Force Valor = MotW, Project = Faerie Fire, etc. I even arranged the skill bar to be similar to my druid's!) Also, Stealth works on your companions as well, so that's pretty cool.

Not sure if I want to buy the game just yet... Lil' cousin still plays WoW, but is a SW fan... Hm, we'll see.

Also, best description my brothers and I have come up with for SWTOR: It's Neverwinter Nights' multiplayer with Mass Effect's dialogue trees and Dragon Age 2's personality set in KotOR's universe.

Well, it is a BioWare game. :P

...Oh, and EVE's crafting. Forgot about that.

The Key Word is "Eventually"

October 21, 2011 at 10:48 PM - Art, Mass Effect

My brothers keep track of when I last played a video game.

They're aware of my huge backlog, and I tell them that I'm going to play Mass Effect until March I'll work on it. Eventually.

Finally got my drawing motivation back. Did more ink tests. Working on a new layout, trying to organize the site a lil' better.

I procrastinate here and there, of course.

I probably should get back to playing ME2. Last played it about two weeks ago, just got the new Normandy. I'll be uploading screenshots onto my Steam account. :P

Speaking of Mass Effect, here's a preview of what I'm currently working on:

Chibi turian, yesss.